LG to shut down mobile phone unit

lg shut down

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May 9, 2021

South Korean company LG has announced the closure of its mobile unit. During a statement, the corporate said it might close its loss-making business. The board of directors of the corporate has also approved this decision.

The company says leaving the mobile business is a crucial strategic decision. The corporate will now specialize in electric parts manufacturing, connected device manufacturing, robots, smart home solutions, and AI. LG mobile.

LG will still provide services to its customers. It’ll also give them the software updates they have. Consistent with the international press agency Reuters, LG has sold the unit as soon because it finds a buyer for its mobile unit. Shut down business.

The company has said that supported the experience gained from the mobile business, it’ll work on new technology like 6G within the coming days. The corporate plans to pack up its mobile business by July 31. However, the company’s phones are going to be available within the marketplace for a while.



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