High Sexual Desire works Differently in Men and Women

High Sexual Desire works differently in Men and Women
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January 02, 2022

Nowadays, Nepali couples have reached the stage of divorce because of sexual misconduct. Many couples seem at odds because of misunderstandings or sexual dissatisfaction.

Does the weather influence a person’s sexual preferences? Do the winter months and the summer months cause any change in sexual desire?

Of course, it does. Weather affects people’s sexual behavior. The geographical conditions and environment guide the sexual desire of a person. Who has more sexual desire male or female?

Various studies have shown that people get sexually aroused when they reach a place where it is always cold and rainy.

Nepal’s geography also arouses different sexual desires in different environments. At what age do females become sexually active?

Looking at the sexual behavior of animals, they only have sex at a certain time, even in such people?

Like animals, humans do not have the desire to have sex at certain times. Even among men, sexual desire is naturally aroused in men forever.

However, women have more sexual desire for 15 days after menstruation. Sexual arousal may be different in men and women.

How satisfied is a Nepali couple with their sex life? Has there been any research on this?

There has been no such systematic search. But when analyzing the problems reported by those who come with various psychological problems, misunderstandings, and some sexual dissatisfaction are found, but the situation is not much.

Although there is talk of not being able to get complete sexual satisfaction because of socio-cultural reasons, there are few cases of sexual dissatisfaction because of each other. Difference between man and woman sexually.

It is said that a quarrel between a Nepali couple takes place from the bedroom, is it true?

This is true. But we can link not all conflicts to sex. Differences in the behavior’s understanding of two people, in the way of thinking and choice of each other, etc. also cause quarrels. What causes sexual desire?

Some women who come for psychological counseling have been talking deeply even though they have told others about their domestic quarrels. Men and women have different understandings of sex. That difference exacerbates the problem.

Often women do not have sex and do not express their desire. They don’t have as much sexual interest as men?

This does not mean that women have less sexual desire. This is something that shifts from one individual to another. Not all behaviors are the same for men and women. Behavior varies from person to person.

Every human being has an original style of understanding from an early age. The same style determines sexual orientation.

It involved some married men in extra-marital affairs, are they not satisfied with their wives?

Not all boys involved in extramarital affairs are attracted to other women because of their sex. In this, the boy may look for the behavior he is looking for from his wife, but he may be close to another woman without getting it from his wife.

Men engage in extra-marital affairs, whether for emotional or other needs. Who feels more pain male or female?

In today’s busy diary, couples are not averse to sexual pleasure?

I have done no study on that. So it is difficult to say directly. But if we analyze such incidents in the last five years, the couple could not get sexual pleasure because of the trend of going for foreign employment. Besides, few studies have been done.

High Sexual Desire works Differently in Men and Women

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