Apple, Google, and Microsoft collaborating that control the internet

google, apple, and Microsoft collaboration

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June 11, 2021

Google, Microsoft, and Apple are actually the most important competitors within the hardware and software market. But these competing companies are working together to form the user experience of the web better. Google and Apple partnership.

Companies with their own browsers, including Apple, Google, and Microsoft, have agreed to figure together to enhance Internet browsing.

According to the report, there’ll be a collaboration between teams performing on Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox, and that they will work to enhance the extensions available all together on those browsers. Google and Apple Lawsuit.

An extension is a further feature within the browser that creates browsing the web even safer and easier after downloading. To co-operate within the field of browsers, these companies have announced the formation of a worldwide consortium, the planet Wide Web Consortium. Are Google and Apple Competitors?

The Web Extensions Community Group says it’s excited to hunt collaboration between browser developers and other stakeholders to make a shared browser extension platform, with more and more browsers adopting extension models that are almost like other browsers in recent years.

The main reason for the collaboration between Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla is to form it easier for developers to make new extensions.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft collaborating that control the internet



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