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Chiranjivi Chaudhary is a Nepali UI/UX designer based in Rajbiraj, Saptari, Nepal. He’s the lead designer for Freelancer Platform. Previously web designer and excellent instructor about web design.

He gives design workshops around the world focused on product design and UI/UX PSD. He’s perfect in Photoshop PSD, Pixel Perfect Design, Slice, Cross-Browser Check, as while Responsive Cross Check.

case studies


Collections of my work samples that bring to an interview, prospective employee and even post online. My evidence of work that i have done. My innovation, Your Edge.

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My major areas of expertise


Awesome Design

Your brand strategy defines what you are, a promise you make, and the personality you convey.


Mobile optimisation

Interaction between a user and an organization is possible only because of digital technology.

redesign and slice

Re-design & slice

Integrated planning process between how design and business may complement one another.

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My work in previous days!

An office is a magical place where people’s enjoy coming to work every day!

Every employee needs a friendly working environment which also motivates them to offer out the simplest in themselves. The proper person with the proper work environment would cause better performance and work satisfaction as well.

The work environment also includes other factors like co-workers, quality of air, seating, management, parking, background level, and even the dimensions of one’s cabin or desk place. A positive work environment is some things that create employees feel good about coming to figure a day and also motivates them constantly to sustain themselves throughout the day and provide their best effort.

An efficient thanks to ensure a positive work environment is to motivate employees for an accurate behavioral approach. Friendly behavior also determines an honest and peaceful environment.

ck tharu
the last resort tour

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Self-employed person, literary self-employed. More and Obscure.

I listen and work together to create a truly unique. To get higher performance, first, identify the critical obstacles to forward progress and then develop a coherent approach to overcoming them.


Thank you for the incredible work you have done on my site. The overall design and functionality exceeded my expectations. Your dedication, consistent mentality, and accountability make the process easier; I think I have my own in-house web development team. You’re really up and back.” I’m already looking forward to building my next site with you.

Dhiraj Bashyal


Managing Director

I have known Mr. Chiranjivi Chaudhary for a decade. I have been using his service since I started my business. We all gravitated pretty quickly to the design from Mr. Chiranjivi Chaudhary. The service was delivered professionally with a commitment to deadlines and a focus on customer expectations. He was really responsive and a brilliant designer that I can guarantee your satisfaction with his service.

Krishna Sapkota

Managing Director

Sr. WP Developer

I am very happy to have found Mr chiranjivi as his design knowledge, ideas and abilities were like nothing I had experienced before. He could take our very vague description of the work needing to be done and easily come up with original proofs for us to move forward on. Would happily suggest his services to any prospective client!

Roshan Ghale

Sr. WP Developer

Sr. Php Developer

Chiranjivi Chaudhary, I see him as a man of perfectionism. Every time I work with him, he surprises me with his new concept and design. He puts his full effort to meet clients’ requirements on time. I am fully satisfied with his style of work and output. He is the man for you.

Rupendra Maharjan

Sr. Developer

Brands i’ve worked with

Uniweb Technology
Weblink Nepal
Seed IT Solution
Agile IT Solution

One person does not do glorious things in business. A team of people does them.

I am committed to providing my customers with exceptional services while offering my employees the best training.

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